Erotic Retro Girls: Bachelor Vol. 2, No. 3 (March 1961)

Bachelor is the magazine for the young-at-heart, and with all the erotic retro girls within its pages, it’s not hard to see why! From snaps of the smoking French actress Celine Cely to the Swedish bombshell Chris Brondbjerg to the glamorous siren Claudine Sibille, this issue will get your blood flowing for sure! If you’re looking for more erotic retro girls, check out Delta of Venus.

Erotic Retro Girls

Time Out for Glamor (Celine Cely)

erotic retro girls

When the last “take” is “in the can,” it’s time for a hard-working actress like Celine Cely to relax a la bikini!

“CUT… PRINT IT!” The tension oozed out of those on the set and the non-actors, who had been maintaining a strained silence while the scene was being shot, began to talk. Soon the studio was alive with Gallic chatter. The final scene of Julian Duvivier’s pictures, The Raincoat Man, was “in the can” and the feeling among those who worked on it was that they had a winner. One of them, a stagehand, walked up to Celine Cely, the Duvivier discovery who epitomizes glamour in the picture, and asked her what she would do with herself now that the pressure was off. “I shall go to my uncle’s farm in the South of France,” she told him, “and do nothing. Absolutely nothing! I need a rest. I have never worked so hard in my life.” That the 18-year old beauty had indeed worked hard was attested to by everybody from Duvivier himself to a lowly grip, who put it this way: “She practiced every nuance of motion, every shading of meaning to be found in her lines until she was letter-perfect. She may be young, yes, but she has earned her right to stardom.” There are some, less well acquainted with Celine’s stubborn devotion to her art, who unthinkingly attribute her success to her resemblance to Sophia Loren. Celine herself resents this. “I do not want to be a copy of Sophia,” she says firmly and she steadfastly works at her craft to combation the idea that she has gotten the breaks solely because of her looks and not her talent. A native of Paris, Celine enrolled in an acting school right after her graduation from high school. It was here that Duvivier saw her and decided to give her a screen test. The test was a success and a role in The Raincoat Man followed. Other roles are sure to follow that, but what followed immediately, as Celine had said it world, was time out from being glamorous, time spend doing “absolutely nothing” on her uncle’s farm. As to how a movie glamour queen does “absolutely nothing,” the photos on these pages provide the answer. At the Vattan farm (Vattan was originally Celine’s last name; Duvivier changed it to Cely because he thought it would have more marquee appeal), she lolled in the sun, swam when she felt like it and gorged herself on popcorn as a rebellion against the diet which had been imposed on her while the film was being shot. For the most part, she eschewed any clothes more formal than a bikini. This was part of her program of relaxation, of taking time out from being glamorous. But in this, Celine didn’t succeed. Her unstudied period of relaxation proved just as glamorous as her on-screen antics.

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Too Hot for Broadway

erotic retro girls
Salome Jens went from cast of “Balcony” to title role in new picture, “Angel Baby.”

erotic retro girls

Bawdy, or brilliant? That’s The Balcony controversy!

SEDUCTION, rape, incest and homosexuality are themes which have been presented on Broadway over the past few seasons. The Main Stem today is a far cry from the prissy theatrical district of a few years back which had a list of taboos including those subjects and many more. It’s possible today to present a play as frank as Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or one as basically immoral as Duerenmat’s The Visit without Broadway blinking an eye. The Street’s grown up and stands ready to tackle just about anything. Just about—but not quite. One play that was just too hot for Broadway producers—even today when they’ll tell you that anything goes—is The Balcony by Jean Genet.

Several Main Stem producers were approached to put on The Balcony. Here are some of their reactions:

“I wouldn’t dare touch it. It’s the roughest play I’ve ever read.”

“It makes Tobacco Road look like a kids’ fairy tale. The censors would kill me.”

“It’s a great play, but it just couldn’t be cleaned up enough for a Broadway production.”

“It would enrage audiences. I can see decent people walking out in protest.”

The last impresario hit it right on the head. Enraged and shocked people have walked out on The Balcony. The show was produced in New York; it’s running now—but not on Broadway. It’s being presented at Circle in the Square, a small theatre in-the-round on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village.

It was unanimously acclaimed by the critics as “a genuine work of art.” Time Magazine said it had “more wit than anything on Broadway.” The result of these reviews has been that not only the hip, the beat and the intellectually elite have flocked to Bleecker Street, but also the ordinary theatre-goers who are guided by the critics in their choice of entertainment. It is members of this last group who often have jumped from their seats in horror and fled the theatre, Bleecker Street, the Village—and probably not stopped running until they’d safely crossed the suburban Westchester County line.

What is it about The Balcony which elicits such such strong responses from those who view it? Several things; first of all the plot:

The play takes places in a bordello in a mythical country. Outside the bordello a revolution is in progress. Inside, it’s business as usual with professional attention paid to satisfying the particular fetish of each customer. These include necrophilia, flagellation, narcissism and sexual sacrilege, as well as broad hints at fellatio, lesbianism and other sexual perversities. This involves a kind of make-believe indulged in by many of the customers; a make-believe which finds them dressing up in the roles of various renowned personages.

One customer, a meter reader for a gas company, gets his kicks from pretending to be a bishop within the confines of the brothel. Another makes believe he’s a judge, and a third a general. Voyeurism is introduced in the person of the Madam, who by pushing a button can view what’s going on in any of the brothel’s rooms on a small screen. […]

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A Swedish Message (Chris Brondbjerg)

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A Swingin’ Affair (Penny Reno)

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Childhood pleasures are the simple pleasures—and they are the best of all. Anyway, that’s how our playful cover girl, Penny Reno, feels about it. It you want the point illustrated, just swing along with her!

What greater pleasure has the world to offer a child than a playground? And what does any child head straight for? The swings, natch! And so does Penny, as she demonstrates how to recapture one’s childhood, which is only yesterday for her.

When it comes to getting into the swing of things, it’s easy to see that Penny hasn’t lost the knack. She’s as agile as any youngster.

It’s great to be young, but on the other hand, how much more qualified is the mature mind to appreciate Penny and her swingin’ affair!

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Sailor Beware (Carol Riva)

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The top nitery act in Paris today is on view at Le Sexy. It’s being performed by Carol Riva and it’s called “Shipwreck.” It depicts the liveliness of life on a life raft!

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TAURUS (April 21 to May 20). The stars smile on feminine activities. Bachelor girls should make a point of dressing up and going places.

ASTROLOGY, the theory that the stars influence human affairs and determine the course of events, can be traced back to the dawn of mankind. The ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Chaldeans and Greeks believed in it. And people continued to believe in it right down through the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages and up to modern times. Today there are still people who follow the stars, who daily peruse the “What the Stars Foretell” column of their daily newspaper before making any decisions. And these people are guided by such astrology columns in everything from what tie to wear to what horse to plunk their money down on. They wouldn’t think of going into business, visiting a relative, buying a new car, registering for a night school course, or sometimes even going out of the house without first consulting the stars. But, as any astrologer could tell them, the stars move in mysterious, and often hilarious ways, their prophecies to fulfill. Perhaps the difficulty is semantical, but sometimes these prophecies can come true in the most unexpected ways—as the photos on these pages show!

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Why Bowling is America’s #1 Sport (Gypsy Allen)

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Getting ready to bowl, Gypsy sights down the alley. Pins seem a thousand miles away.

More men than ever are taking up bowling, and girls like Gypsy Allen are the reason!

THERE ARE an estimated 28 million bowlers in the United States today, 16 million of whom are men. This figure grows by about a million men a year, and the main reason is another kind of figure—a figure like that of Gypsy Allen, for example, who’s as curvy in the right places as a bowling alley is straight. Gypsy is one of the many females who have recently taken up bowling. With girls like her on the ball, it’s easy to see why so many men are hitting the alleys that bowling has become America’s number one sport. Gypsy caused quite a stir when she stepped onto the lanes for the first time. In fact, she practically bowled ’em over with her unique bowling attire. Who needs to make strikes in order to be striking? is Gypsy’s motto. And so right she was! Activity on the alleys virtually rolled to a halt as the pert blonde athlete sent the ball skimming towards the pins. Even the automatic pinsetters blinked their electronic eyes at this beauty and began nervously fumbling clubs. As appreciative eyes swung from their own lanes to hers, Gypsy capered nymph-like through her paces, proving that even rolling a ball at a set of pins can be made glamorous if you know how. As you can see, her form is excellent, and while her bowling score wasn’t tops, she scored tops with every man in the place.

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Bachelor’s Apartment

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For the man who lives alone, but likes company, here are some hints to hospitality!

IT’S WINTERTIME and the living’s kind of rough. Outdoors, the cold burns your ears, steams your breath and makes your fingers and toes feel like brittle icicles.

But inside a bachelor’s pad can be different. Who cares how nasty the weather is, as long as you can turn up the heat and put some good music on the hi-fi. Then, with a soft and charming companion to keep you company, you can gaze out the window and sneer at passing pedestrians.

One way to make sure of a nice supply of warm girls is to keep them warm and comfortable when they take refuge from the elements in your cave. In addition to your own sizzling personality, this means keeping on hand a goodly supply of pleasant cold-fighters. […]

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French Leave (Ina Gardner)

erotic retro girls

There are many reasons for going AWOL, but it would be difficult to come up with a better one than Ina Gardner. She’s driving HQ wild!

MEMO: From the Office of the Commanding General. To: All troops stationed in the New Mexico area. Subject: Enlisted Personnel Absent Without Leave. It has been brought to the attention of this office that men in the field have been straying from their assigned positions to investigate a wooded glade in the area. At first Command viewed this as a natural longing on the part of enlisted men to view tree leaves and other foliage in an area which is mainly comprised of desert. However, it has been brought to our attention that a cabin belonging to a Miss Ina Gardner is located in this woodland and that Miss Gardner is given to sunbathing in the terrain surrounding her domicile. Having seen Miss Gardner, this office understands the incitement to “French Leave.” Nevertheless, her cabin and surrounding area are hereby placed OFF LIMITS. Penalties will be severe.

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The Minsky Look (Claudine Sibille)

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OVER THE YEARS, Harold Minsky’s name has become synonymous with glamour. His name on a show is a guarantee of the utmost in glittering pulchritude. And to say a girl is a Minsky girl is to stamp her as being both talented and beautiful. Such a girl is Claudine Sibille, the Gallic showgirl pictured on these pages. How she got to be a Minsky girl is indicative of the way the Minsky reputation in the entertainment world was built. When Minsky decided to cook up a spectacular for his Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, which would outshine all the other stupendous spectaculars at the competing plush Vegas hostelries, he set about it in typical Minsky fashion. He, himself, set out on a talent hunt which covered much of the United States and eventually took him to London, Rome and Paris. In each place he visited, he searched for girls who were the absolute tops in looks and ability and who also had that indefinable extra something which has come to be known as “the Minsky look.” In many places, his quest was in vain. In some, he met with success, found the kind of girl he was seeking and signed her up for his show. And nowhere was he happier with the results of his search than in Paris. It was here that he visited Pigalle’s “Les Naturiste” nitery and spotted Claudine. He recognized the 20-year old siren as a Minsky girl immediately and signed her on the spot for the Dunes show. She was as delighted as he was. Born and raised in Paris, Claudine hadn’t done much traveling and she was thrilled at the opportunity to come to the United States. She was also thrilled at the chance to work with Minsky for a year (the term of her contract). He’s well-known in France and recognized as a master of his art. Neither he, nor Claudine, have regretted the deal since the show opened. She finds that she has indeed learned much from the master and Minsky says she is not only voluptuous and talented, but also extremely hard-working. “And,” he adds, “she has that Minsky look.”

Between rehearsing and performing in the Minsky show, Claudine doesn’t have too much time available for relaxation. Mostly she just hits the sack as soon as she’s through work. But when she does have a whole day off, she likes to meander over the countryside. It would take a nature-lover like Claudine, who spent her youth traipsing over the bucolic areas surrounding Paris, to fund a haystack in the desert country around Las Vegas. She not only found one, but she goes back to it whenever she can, flops down on the soft hay and suns herself to her heart’s content. You can imagine the farmer’s delighted surprise the first time he stumbled on her. The look on his face was decidedly a Minsky look!

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Wanted: Advice from the Lovelorn

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When BACHELOR’S Lovelorn Editor was forced to leave because his six wives were trying to attach his salary at the same time, we set about looking for a replacement. First choice was Junior Stewart (above). She had a lot of heart, looked the part and we felt her tailored garb would dress up the office. But Junior was unavailable, so we decided to try out a variety of applicants at the job and let you, the lovelorn, pick our editor for us.

erotic retro girls

Dear Miss Bachelor:

Should a well-brought up young man allow a female to kiss him good night on a first date? As yet, I haven’t had to face this situation, although I’m 29 years old. But I want to be ready in case this should happen.

“Don’t worry, it won’t!” That’s the reassuring advice from candidate for the position of Lovelorn Editor, Cynthia Dallice. Miss Dallice, without malice, also advises the writer to consult his Scoutmaster.

erotic retro girls

Dear Miss Bachelor:

Me goil’s steppin’ out on me wid some joke what’s a big deal wid her just’ because he drives a red Caddy convertible. But dat ain’t all: da bum’s a Yale man! I went to Harvard meself. How do I win her back from Eli?

“Go back to Harvard!” says Miss Bachelor auditioner Tana Leigh. “Or maybe,” she muses, “you’d better try Princetone. It’s just possible that yours is a language problem. Da t’ing is, ya goil don’t dig ya.”

erotic retro girls

Dear Miss Bachelor:

Can a young and pretty maiden fall in love with an old man? I am past 70, however she insists it doesn’t matter. It just can’t be my money. There’s younger millionaires around. But could it be her “father complex?”

Honey Bee handles this one. (There’s a handle for a Lovelorn Editor if we ever saw one!) Says she: “A ‘sugar daddy complex’ would be more like it. By the way, where do you find those younger millionaires?”

erotic retro girls

Dear Miss Bachelor:

My girl has left me. I don’t know what to do. When I phone her, she just hangs up on me. And she won’t answer my letters. When I attempted to see her, she hit me. If you can’t advise me, I may ask my wife’s advice.

“Do that—and duck!” counsels Jody Fleming in her tryout as Lovelorn Editor. Considering his problem further, she had this to say: “You say your girl hit you. Obviously, not hard enough. Maybe wifey will!”

erotic retro girls

Dear Miss Bachelor:

I meet this broad in a bar, see? I stand her a few drinks and then she asks me up to her place, see? Well, we get pretty cozy, see? It looks sure, but then a bozo breaks in yellin’ she’s his wife. He hit me. Can I sue?

Peggy Johnson on the lovelorn line: “A patsy such as you shouldn’t drink in the first place, see? And if he does, he shouldn’t pick up girls, see? And he shouldn’t go to their rooms, see? You got off lucky, see?”

erotic retro girls

Dear Miss Bachelor:

I just don’t know what to do about my parents. You see, they just will not allow me to go out with girls at all. It’s not that I’m a girl-crazy fellow, but I am 43 year old. What can I do to alter my folks’ attitude?

“The first thing to do is to take your thumb out of your mouth,” advises Angelita Tamayo. “The next is to rattle the bars on your crib real loud. Finally, don’t ask if you can go with girls, just get going!”

erotic retro girls

Dear Miss Bachelor:

Is a fellow’s personal hygiene more important than his sincerity? I’m a sewer worker and I don’t have the time to wash up before dating my honey. She says if I really loved her, I’d get a new job. What do you think?

“Try punching your ‘honey’ in the nose. If you hit her hard enough, she will be unable to smell you.” So counsels Janice Lee in her role as Lovelorn Editor. Is she your selection? Write and let us know.

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