Nude Retro Girls: Adam Vol. 12, No. 3 (March 1968)

If you’re looking for nude retro girls, boy does this issue of Adam have them! From sultry dancer Renie Seid to a tantalizing view of Sandy Shores to stills from the skin flick Turn Me On, these pictures will make you shiver in your boots. If you want even more nude retro girls, you’ll want to check out Delta of Venus.

Nude Retro Girls

Any Seid is Good (Renie Seid)


nude retro girls

Any way you look at it, Renie Seid stacks up

YES, THE MOST remarkable thing about Renie is her—versatility… She’s a dancer, a singer, a linguist (being half Spanish, half German).

Her ideal man is… “tall, lean and gentle” (she hasn’t found him yet, guys).

She thinks “braggarts” are a drag, but Renie really has some things to brag about: thirty-nine-23-34 1/2! A real swinging gal to have hanging over your garden gate. Renie really carries a lot of weight in certain circles.

Nothing like country air to bring out the best in Renie

Another “Seid” to Renie is her love of the rural scene. Give her a pair of ragged jeans, a straw hat and nothing else but a dusty road, and she’ll be happy whistling up a folk tune on a grass blade. And there’s something about bushes and trees that awakens the druidess in Renie’s soul… She really blossoms out when she’s deep in the bosom of nature.

Renie emerges from her chrysalis of clothes as a charismatic untrammeled charmer…

Nudity is second nature for Renie. She believes that if her whole body is immersed in warm sunlight and zephyrs of balmy air, her moods will be deeper and her thoughts more perceptive. So she puts her garments from her to put her problems away, releasing her inner self. When Renie’s unsheathed body gets cogitating, some delectable notions are expressed—like “yearning,” “alluring,” “enticing”… Whatever aspect of Renie is uncovered, it’s sure to be an intriguing experience!

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Color Her Barbro! (Barbro Nordin)


nude retro girls

Barbro Nordin is a blue-eyed blonde from Stockholm… and she stands 38-25-38

Barbro likes modeling as a “casual way of living,” and she’s not embarrassed to pose nude (her device is to “think the photographer is seeing her as a piece of furniture”). But she was embarrassed when her panties fell on a subway—they had a run in them!

Barbro likes “down to earth” mean, but is still looking for the “dream man.”

She collects silver dollars and thinks that “star-fall” is lucky

Barbro’s big extravagance is really a “little” one—she buys bikinis like mad, anything different, like lace, beads, silver lame.

Her favorite indoor game is “wrestling,” but outdoors it’s waterskiing, car racing, snow skiing and ice skating.

What does Barbro think of free love? “There is nothing wrong with it if you are in love!”

Now we ask you, who wouldn’t like to color her Barbro? Fingerpaints anyone?

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A View of Sandy Shores (Sandy Shores)


nude retro girls

“Love is physical, because I’m miserable without the physical enjoyment”

SANDY SHORES is a going gal who knows where the action is. As a schoolgirl she wanted to race sports cars, but when she grew up she found a racier occupation. She became a stripper in a club in Japan.

She’s not sure how she got started, but it could all be due to the police officer who stopped her one day as she was speeding home from the beach. She was wearing only a towel! Needless to say, she didn’t get a ticket.

Like a towel, it’s easy to get wrapped up with Sandy!

The officer probably forgot himself when the view of that towel hit his eyes. It was wrapped around a perfect terry-clothed 37-24-38.

You can imagine that Sandy was a little flustered, though, because her strongest superstition is: “If you run nude in the street you will surely spend a lovely night in jail with the ‘girls.'”

Sandy’s list of favorite books is nearly as revealing as that towel was: CANDY, SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL, SEX AS A WAY OF LIFE, SEXUAL PERVERSIONS OF THE WESTERN WORLD, and TWO WOMEN.

There’s nothing like reading up on one’s own forte!

nude retro girls


Adam’s Eve: Sandy Shores

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Turn Me On

nude retro girls

Three ex-G.I.s search-and-probe the target, women, and “go over the top”-less!

IN THIS swinging film it’s after Vietnam that life gets wild for three young ex-soldiers, Phil, Andy and Jone. Swapping yarns at a topless bar, Joe tells how a sharp chick in a convertible picked him up, drove up a lonely road and pulled a gun. In flashback, Joe thwarts the stickup and wrestles the clothes off the gal in a free-for-all bout—they end in the classic “hold!”

Topless dancers throw a pot party for the lustiest weekend in a funky film of three ex-G.I.s

Phil’s weekend seemed to make out well when he made a rich suburban matron in her luxury spread, but what the returning hubby really resented was catching Phil in bed with the maid! Andy’s spree was a party where the girl who took him turned out to be the host’s wife—but she was hospitable to Andy in a bedroom, anyway.

The final pot party with the topless dancers from the bar gets the three “busted”—ending the weekend behind bars.

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Gee, One of the “Gentle Sex!” (Gee Gentle)


nude retro girls

One look at Gee Gentle, poolside and skinwet, will convince you she is all woman (and all sex!)

Gee whiz, but this girl has a lot going for her (and a lot for you, too, now that you’re getting to know her.) Gee Gentle (that’s her name, believe it) has studied art and also modeled for artists—which you can well understand if you will carefully go over her model herewith exposed.

Gee believes in the classic idea of a sound mind in a—well—solid body! And that’s why she has cultivated the garden of her mind at one of our good western colleges. She has just one hang up, though—can’t walk into a dark room, alone. Does she have to?


Gee loves ranching at a friend’s layout up on Candy Mountain (when she gets there, it’s the “big rock”). She’s good at gee-ing and haw-ing the horses, and relaxing in the bunkhouse, au naturelle, of course, since she’s a nature lover.

She confided her ideal for the man she’s still looking for. He has to have “hopes and dreams and a good imagination, and high intelligence.” Takers?

Gee Gentle confesses to her secretest desire, “to accomplish something truly beautiful for mankind.” Considering her offerings, we might murmur, “You already have…”

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Raynham, Raynham, Don’t Go Away! (Barbara)


nude retro girls

If London Bridge falls, it will be for Barbara!

WHAT TO DO in London when the fog rolls in? This girl-on-the-Thames just cuddles up in her flat.

We got rather hot under the, um, collar ourselves, but we had no real objections to the informality Barbara loves. As she turned fore and aft to toast herself evenly, we hummed: bum titty, bum titty.

She told us all sorts of things about herself—loves parties and slam-bang talks and bubbly ginger ale.

Barbara is still looking for a boyfriend who is rugged like Sean Connery but gentle like Leslie Howard… Well?

She’s really a summer gal, and is saving up for a season on the French Riviera—water skiing, swimming, slooping—the whole sail bit.

Winters, Barbara models for photographers, artists, fashion shows—and since her numbers are 36-23-35, she gets lots of calls.

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nude retro girls



Suzy Meyers (pictured here) holds out a big promise of next Month’s cover.

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